Art Deco Furniture

The History of Art Deco Furniture

Art Deco furniture is in a class of its own. These pieces are timeless in appearance and have the ability to fully transform a room. Whether you are in the midst of home renovation or building a home for the first time, these quality pieces of furniture are a wise consideration. Transforming a living space should be a fun process, even if it is something as simple as bedroom chairs.

Any item in our home is important, no matter where it is. When it comes to furniture choices, it is key to remember that there are a multitude of styles. It merely depends on what theme or mood you desire to enhance the rooms of your environment. Some options include:

  • Rococo furniture
  • Baroque furniture
  • Victorian furniture
  • Italian furniture
  • French furniture

No one style is better than another. That is the beauty of these elegant furniture items. All of them have the ability to shine when placed in the comfort of your home.

Where Does Art Deco Come From?

Though there is some debate, depending on who you ask, it is generally believed that the Art Deco furniture style began in Europe in the early years of the 20th century. This style came into popularity as Art Nouveau was beginning to go out of fashion. The actual term “Art Deco” stems from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes, which was a world’s fair that was held in Paris in 1925.

Art Deco rejected a lot of the more traditional classical styles and instead favored the much more streamlined geometric forms and metallic color. Additionally, Art Deco influenced a wide range of design areas, especially interior design. This was mainly because Art Deco furniture was the first kind of interior decoration to highlight new materials and technologies.

Art Deco was very much at odds with what came before it. However, this kind of reaction is common in the arts and humanities. Think of the eras of literature, for example. We as humans have the tendency to rebel, or at the very least, contradict, whatever comes before us.

Will Art Deco Furniture Suit My Home?

Art Deco has been called “aggressively modern.” It really depends on your taste if Art Deco furniture is right for you. This style is defined by its clean lines and angular shapes. It is, in a word, sharp. One might also describe it as cutting or striking. No doubt about it, Art Deco furniture “pops.”

A lot of Art Deco also has a metallic feel. Home office furniture, or home bar furniture, can really benefit from the Art Deco look because of this. The style carries a certain breed of sophistication, an air of mystique, almost, that transcends the boundaries of a living space.

Recall your days in history class. The 1920s are traditionally referred to as the Machine Age. Our nation’s factories were crafting products at a high rate. This was a time when high-tech machinery gave us endless possibilities, so it makes sense that our furniture would possess a kind of “futuristic” look. You can see this in the metal accents of certain pieces of Art Deco furniture