Art Nouveau Furniture

The History of Art Nouveau Furniture

Art Nouveau furniture, the phrase “Art Nouveau” is French for “new art.” A reaction to academic art styles of the 19th century, Art Nouveau was inspired by natural forms, structures and creations, not only in nature’s flowers and plants but also in the simple beauty of curved lines. In the philosophy of furniture design, Art Nouveau suggests that we examine the whole building, not just one part of it. This makes sense in accordance with the way architects looked at Art Nouveau. And architect tried to harmonize with the natural landscapes in a particular locality. Essentially, Art Nouveau wanted things to blend in with our daily lives.

While Art Nouveau was mainly popular in Europe, it did possess a global influence. Eventually Art Nouveau was replaced by 20th century modernist styles, such as Art Deco. Today, though, it is considered a fundamental bridge between Neoclassicism and modernism.

Art Nouveau furniture can be a stunning addition to your home or office space. A lounge or sofa can provide not only a comforting place to rest, but also an aesthetically-pleasing touch of class.

The rooms in our home where we spend the bulk of our time should be enjoyable. What is it that you crave to make those rooms and those moments special for you and your family? A Chesterfield sofa, comfortable and timeless? Sofas are a clean, simple way to provide a dose of inviting warmth anywhere in your home. Don’t hesitate to consider the potential charm of reproduction furniture, regency furniture, or even Baroque furniture. No matter what you want your home to say about you, you have the ability to say it with these classic furniture choices.

How Does Art Nouveau Furniture Look And Feel?

Art Nouveau has a definitive style that many people find appealing when designing their home. Recall that the Art Nouveau Movement, or New Art Movement, was an international design that went beyond furniture. It touched the worlds of painting, pottery, metalwork, and printing. For many, it was a way of life. This gives Art Nouveau a special, global feel. It reached the height of popularity from 1890 to 1905.

The styles of Art Nouveau are rich and engaging. The intricate shapes and forms will draw in your eye and captivate you. Art Nouveau reflected the style of the individual designer, so each piece relied on the work of one person’s hands, not a machine. Art Nouveau furniture has character, soul, personality. As the style gained popularity, growing amongst the fashionable and avant-garde, it took on new names in each respective country.

Bringing a piece of Art Nouveau furniture into your bedroom, living room, bar, or office will no doubt transform the space. Guests will marvel at the seamless way this furniture blends into the room. The sensual, undulating lines of Art Nouveau furniture have the ability to relax a person, making you feel at ease. These furniture pieces are rich in their linear rhythm, clearly telling a story about our nation’s history. Chairs and tables are not just chair and tables, but instead conversation pieces, relics of a time past, and a place for you and your family to make your own story.