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Luxury Italian Bedroom Chairs Exclusive to Mondital

Bedroom chairs are important accent pieces as they break up the lines of bigger furniture to add more personal style and detail to the room. Every glamorous sleeping space looks even better with a chaise, bench, stool or upholstered chair. As with all of their fine quality, Italian furniture, Mondital’s bedroom chair selection is versatile to fit wonderfully with the décor style of all kinds of bedrooms. Whether you want a bedroom chair for a desk or table, a bench for a corner or window spot or a stool footrest near your bed, Mondital has a extensive range of elegant solutions.

Thrill Of The Chaise

The very elegance of a chaise lounge adds instant glamour to any bedroom. The hand-carved, button-tufted, sensuously silky Cleopatra chaise lounge is opulence to the extreme. Only the finest quality materials are used in this exquisite bedroom lounge chair, which is certainly elegant enough for the living room or any other space in a glamorous home. Whether for curling up on with the latest fashion or travel magazine or for sitting on to try on your shoe collection, the Mondital Cleopatra chaise is one of the most sophisticated lounge chairs ever designed. It’s high quality, Italian craftsmanship and lavish attention to every luxurious detail will make it a “must have” chaise lounge for your dream boudoir.

In Your Corner

Mondital’s Magic bedroom chairs are black, dramatic and the ultimate in contemporary style. Complementing the gloriously glossy Magic bedroom collection, there are a range of opulent chair options from which to choose. The low, cylindrical stool is perfect for lounging on a soft rug or using as a fabulously looking footrest. The Magic bench is absolutely captivating with its curved edges, high gloss, exotic appeal and cylindrical bolster cushions. The Magic high-backed occasional or desk chair has a stylish, open back and adds a powerful touch to any bedroom by just occupying a corner – perhaps waiting for your clothing to be casually draped on it.

Please Be Seated

The fine craftsmanship and upholstery of high end Italian furniture makes upholstered chairs perfect in the bedroom. Just made to be placed in a cosy bedroom corner beside a stately floor lamp, the Siena, high-backed, upholstered chair features soft, high-quality fabric with beautiful, button-tufting on the backrest. One of the cuddliest bedroom chairs to use at a table or desk is the curved, Siena in wonderful white wood. The sides are open to add an amazingly airy style, while the padded seat and backrest add restful, luxurious comfort. Other elegant and versatile Mondital Siena bedroom chairs are the softly covered bench and stool models. The stool can be pushed under a desk or table when not in use, while the bench placed under a bedroom window can make the ideal sunlit reading or daydreaming spot.

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