Chaise Longue

History of the Chaise Longue

The French architect, Le Corbusier, is credited with designing the first modern chaise longue. “Chaise Longue“, meaning “long chair” in French, is actually the correct name for the furniture piece, although “chaise lounge” is what is used most commonly today to refer to this now classic seating item.

The chair became popular in 16th century England in upper class houses where wealthy women would lounge during the day so they wouldn’t have to retire to their beds. This style of lounge was inspired by the daybeds of ancient Egypt and gods have been painted lounging on these types of seats in some of the earliest artwork found. Both the ancient Romans and Greeks had similar daybed lounges that were draped with animal skins or other soft materials.

In the 1800s, the United States morphed the elegant French and British chaise longue styles into a wooden deck chair form that is still used for outdoor seating on many cruise ships. Versions of the chair in wood or metal, often with removable pads, are sold for home garden chairs. Most French and Italian chaise longues are made for indoor use and much more elaborate as they feature fine upholstery and luxurious details.

Fit For A Queen

Mondital’s Cleopatra chaise longue is the ultimate in Italian craftsmanship and sophistication. The beautifully elegant fabric is sensuous to the touch and the button-tufting detail, as well as the carving around the seat, add luxurious detailing. Such a truly sophisticated chaise can really make any living or bedroom space look up-scale  refined and glamorous. The Cleopatra’s elaborately rolled back, matching cylindrical bolster pillow and criss-crossed and swirled embellishments add extra fabulous details to an already gorgeous chaise lounge chair. It is truly the ultimate in chaise lounge chairs.

When a regular sized chair just seems too small and a love seat is just too large, a chaise longue can often be the perfect solution. Chaise longues are ideal for reading in a well-lit corner, trying on shoes in a large walk in closet or to have as elegant seating for extra guests in your living room.

Anywhere You See Fit

A chaise longue is versatile in that it can really be placed anywhere in your home. Whether this is the entryway, living room, bedroom or other spot is up to you as this sophisticated chaise can mix with many different seating styles. For example, the creamy, fine fabric of the Crystal sofa, with the added beauty of the sparkling crystals stylishly embedded in the lavish button tufting detail can be accented with the Cleopatra chaise lounge as can the elegant, white Florence sofa set. But the striking black and silver, Landia sofa can also be paired with the Cleopatra lounge for a luxurious combination. Of course, there is also Mondital’s Cleopatra sofa and chair for yet another option for any room.

Whatever space in your home you choose for your quality chaise lounge from Mondital, you’ll give it style and sophistication with this elegant seating piece. One interesting use for the Cleopatra chaise is to place it in front of a low window to create a reading or daydreaming seat. Surrounding sweeps of glamorous drapery can fit in well with the Cleopatra’s style. This chaise’s beautifully lustrous fabric in a delicious taupe tone that will coordinate with so many colours from other neutrals to pastels to bolder hues. The Cleopatra chaise longue is truly a luxurious addition for any distinguished home.

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