Rococo furniture

The History of Rococo furniture

Rococo furniture design originated in 18th century France between 1730-1760 and is especially associated with King Louis XV who reigned from 1715-1774. The style was inspired by the Italian barocco design that the French call “baroque” and the name Rococo combines that term with the word, “rocaille,” which is “shell” in French. Rococo design motifs include shells and leaves done in intricate embellishments in carvings on all types of furniture including sofas, beds, tables, chairs and cabinets. Large pieces in dramatic, symmetrical shapes create the “canvas” for all of the light, romantic details in nature motifs seen so often in wonderful Rococo furniture designs.

While both Baroque and Rococo interior design features elegantly padded furniture and dramatic, eye-catching looks, there are key differences between the two related styles. Baroque designs are more influenced by religion as well as violence. Bold contrasts are used for dramatic effect and dark, heavy wood predominates. Strong, deep colours such as golds, reds and greens, along with metallic gold or silver are common in Baroque furnishings. Rococo furniture has a much more optimistic, light, delicate appearance to its dramatic beauty. Lighter woods that are carved in almost a lacy sort of method appear in Rococo pieces, and the focus is on pastel colours such as pale blues, pinks and greens. Shells, waves and florals, as well as Far East themes, are popular motifs and the overall furniture shapes tend to be more freeform than the stately, symmetrical Baroque pieces.

Rococo’s Beginnings

In 1730, the Rococo style was seen in contemporary sculpture and painting. The playful, elaborate art pieces then bloomed into interior design and furniture for the home. It was popular at the time and remains so despite earlier critics who deemed Rococo furniture too “frivolous”. Others have embraced the light hearted, romantic style, especially when famed English furniture maker, Thomas Chippendale added his take on Rococo by creating chaise lounges and other European inspired designs for wealthy British families. Carved wooden bed posts and armoires with detailed clusters of shell and leave motifs were all the rage in home design, and the fanciful look is still considered one of sophisticated and romantic beauty. Rococo gives a light, airiness and sense of optimism to rooms that is lacking in some heavy, dark types of furniture.

Rococo Furniture for the Dining Room

Mondital’s Alexandria dining room collection beautifully embraces the breezy sophistication of Rococo style. The creamy finish is delicately, but elaborately, detailed with artistic floral accents, including some pale pink flowers that really draw the eye to the high quality Italian craftsmanship. The gold trim enhances all of the fine details that embellish the furniture set and the free form shape of the Alexandria mirror is attractively Rococo. The delicate gold bordering on the buffet doors is a beautiful hallmark of Rococo furniture. The whole Alexandria collection works well in any home with softly coloured walls, drapery and flooring.

Also in keeping with Rococo design, the soft blue colour of the Alexandria chairs are the ideal hue to coordinate with the creamy and luxuriously carved dining table. Soft colours are important in Rococco design and they`re usually best when limited to two or three. Soft neutral colours in the room can really showcase the pale beauty and artistic aspects of Rococo furniture. Far Eastern art such as Buddha sculptures are the ideal accents for a Rococo room, whether it`s a dining or living space.

Rococo Furniture for the Living Room

Mondital offers several luxurious, Rococo style living room collections in its Eolo furniture line. The Eolo sofas are available in both a gorgeous, airy neutral look and an exotic, artistic leopard print design. The Eolo leopard print sofa is a work of art in itself, with the gorgeous animal`s image appearing amongst exquisite pale blues and sophisticated light tans. The frothy, metallic gold trimming captures the eye and adds an elegant finishing touch to this arty and delicate leopard-themed Rococo furniture.

The Eolo neutral 3 seater sofa is remarkably ornamental and captures the light, playful delicate Rococo tone perfectly. The fine fabric has an elegant sheen and a colour reminiscent of the best champagnes. The creamy finish and the elaborately carved wood trim displays the truly fine art of Rococo furniture with its magnificent clusters of flowers and leaves. Delightful, intricate, soft pink and blue flowers are sprinkled throughout the rest of the artfully carved trim for the ideal final touch on this well made Rococo living room collection.