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Luxury Italian Home Office Furniture, Exclusive to Mondital

At Mondital, we answered the demand for high-end, Italian home office furniture from home owners who wanted the pieces to co-ordinate with the rest of their luxurious furnishings. Selecting desks and cabinets from some discount office supply store isn’t going to work for a home workspace in your glamorously decorated house or apartment. Yet, mere looks are only part of the solution as quality usable home office furnishings are what is needed. Mondital has your perfect, high-quality Italian home office furniture available in our sophisticated, smart Aphrodite home office¬†collection.

Regal Enough For A Dignitary

You’re the president of your home office, so you certainly deserve finely-crafted, high-end, Italian furniture. Whether you’re a writer, entrepreneur, celebrity or just need a space to keep your paperwork up to date, Mondital’s Aphrodite home office furniture is just the right fit. The cabinet and desk set make a grand statement in warm, beautifully-detailed wood of the finest Italian quality. The opulent use of metallic gold ornamentation is especially striking with the upright embellishment on top of the cabinet and the golden trim detailing on the bottoms of both the cabinet and desk. The gleaming amber and tobacco tones of the wood and the sophisticated shine of the gold embellishments, which are also featured in detailed squares and swirls on both pieces of Aphrodite home office furniture, will beautify and distinguish any space.

Hold Everything

The stately magnificence of the Aphrodite cabinet and desk is also brilliantly designed to store all types of office supplies out of sight. The desk features ample room in the drawers to organise almost anything and the cabinet has four, closed-door, shelved spaces so that everything you need to work on is always at your fingertips. Three generously-sized shelves accessible behind four glass doors provide you with plenty of room to display books and collectibles. You may want to add a memorable, framed photo or two to the shelves, or save them to grace your desktop. This quality home office collection is so easy to personalise.

Location, Location, Location

Since the location of home offices can truly be anywhere, such as an entire floor, a nook off the kitchen or within the border of a living room, Mondital has that covered luxuriously. The Aphrodite home office furniture set has matching bar and living room collections so that you can mix and match the pieces to suit your taste. The Aphrodite home bar can even be placed directly beside the matching office set for a remarkably stunning statement of opulent design. The Aphrodite living room collection will add a beautiful and charming ambience to the home office set.

Versatility is one of the benefits of choosing high-end, Italian furniture. Matching sets look wonderful, but you’re also free to be more creative if that’s your preference. For instance, if your taste runs a little less flowery and much more masculine than the Aphrodite living room, many other Mondital seating options are available to compliment your home office furniture. For example, the Gianni luxury living room collection is ideal near a home office with its tastefully-striped fine fabric and distinguished details such as sculpted-metal feet.

Exclusive Home Office Furniture