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Sofas are pivotal pieces in any home living room or commercial waiting area, and our Italian sofas set the style standard. Even the most meticulously decorated space isn’t going to appear suitably finished if it doesn’t look inviting. Quality shows, so it’s important to have a well made sofa. Of course, construction and materials are key as once people do sit on the seats, the quality of the craftsmanship must stand up to years and years of use. Another important consideration in choosing good sofas is picking the size that best meets the seating needs of the room without overwhelming the space.

Size Matters

When choosing the perfect sofa for your home or commercial space, think about how many people you’ll need to sear comfortably on a regular basis. Of course, matching or co-ordinating chairs along with the sofas you select will also count as seating. But, it’s usually best to consider the sofa first as it’s much larger than a chair and chairs are more accent pieces with the sofas as the real stars of the room. Really taking a good look at your room can help you come up with the ideal solution of what kind of sofa will look best – whether that will be a corner sofa, two seat or three seat sofa.

Quality Over Quantity

One option of sofa placement in a room is to pick two of the same piece and position them facing one another. A coffee table in the centre and a few luxurious cushions on each sofa finish the basic, but beautiful look. Another stylish furniture arrangement, to use when more seating is needed, is to place two upholstered chairs across from a love seat and position a three seater sofa in the centre of these two seating areas to create a set, an example of this can be seen with our Adone Collection.

However, in smaller rooms, a single sofa may work best to help create a more spacious, airier feel to the space. This approach works especially well in contemporary living rooms, our Montecarlo living room collection demonstrates this well. In the end though, your ideal living room or other seating area isn’t going to be about how many pieces you have, but their overall impact. Fine, Italian furniture always makes a stylish impression.

You’ve Got Style

With so many sofas to choose from, make sure that the ones you ultimately decide on are those that you love. Listen to your heart rather than your head when it comes to the look of the furniture. Once you have that, finding the other décor pieces for the room is usually very simple if the sofa sets the style. If instead, a sofa is picked only for what guests may think of it, while it will undoubtedly look grand – especially if it’s Mondital’s Italian furniture, making a statement with furnishings you really love is going to put your personal stamp on your home.

For example, one person may fall in love with the classic elegance of the white, hand-carved wood and the sparkly, button back detailing of our Crystal set. Another person may be much more naturally attracted to the contemporary creativity and dark mix of textures and materials of the Bloomy. There are just so many, high quality Italian sofas from which to choose such as the Landia and Montreal. Mondital sofas are available in a style to grab your fancy, so take a look at our luxury Italian sofa gallery to pick your favourite.

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