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What To Look For When Buying Luxury Italian Corner Sofas

Corner sofas in some rooms are a much better alternative than a regular sofa, as they may not strike the home owner as being the best choice for their space as it may look awkward with the room’s design. Typically, at least one corner of a family room, den or living room can be troublesome to try and fit a regular sofa or two into. In many seating areas, space is limited and may require an easier solution than having multiple regular sofas. An excellent solution to keeping the open flow of an area while providing comfortable, stylish seating is a luxury Italian corner sofa provided by Mondital.

Why Mondital?

Mondital’s luxury Italian furniture collections are of the highest quality and will bring light and life into your space. Our Italian sofas have fashionable looks to suit a variety of rooms and décor styles. An Italian sofa from Mondital gives the best and most alluring look for the room it will be in. Our Italian corner sofas will fit pleasantly into the corners of any room to allow a complete view of the living space and can even be moved nearer to the centre of a room to provide a functional centrepiece as this quality furniture looks finished and fantastic from all sides.

Beautiful Leather Corner Sofas

The Giotto leather corner sofa by Mondital has an elegant, arched back with a beautiful rounded design and warm golden colour  With bold wooden accents in the armrests and around the edge of the front rail, it combines beauty with luxury, but also adds the comfortable luxury expected from high quality Italian furniture. Made from only the best leather, the Giotto corner sofa is a strong eye-catcher for any room. Mondital specializes in many types of high-quality furniture and room accessories and the Giotto is a gem of leather corner sofa and manages to outdo most of its competitors.

Stunning Fabric Corner Sofas

The Donatello fabric corner sofa by Mondital is versatile and gorgeous in its bold and classic design. The style of the fabric is timeless and the workmanship is classic which makes for a sofa of the highest quality that will enhance any décor style or room. The sofa’s decorative headpiece finished in gold leaf is a work of art and the wooden legs and front rail gives the sofa a lively personality that brings out the patterns in the fabric. The Donatello corner sofas fabric pattern is also carried over to the pillows, making the piece compliment itself while fitting into almost any colour scheme perfectly. The light, creamy white along with the hard-wearing quality fabric allows this sofa to match nearly all décors and hues, making it a very versatile piece that anyone can enjoy. The way the Donatello is designed, styled and built, makes it is a timeless sofa that can be used for a long, long time.

Competitive Pricing and Delivery

Finally, when you buy through Mondital, you are always assured the best price possible for any superior quality furniture you purchase. In addition to this, a home owner can order worldwide and the furniture will be delivered to their home. This makes Mondital’s luxury corner sofas the best choice when looking at fine, durable furniture for your home.

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